Abandoned Vehicles

When to Report

Vehicles may be considered to be abandoned and subject to being towed and impounded when they:

  • Appear to be inoperable, such as wrecked or dismantled; or
  • Are parked for more than two days not at the registration address, and
  • Do not display current registration.

How to Report

You can report vehicles suspected of being abandoned by calling the Abandoned Auto Hotline at 503-350-4058, or you can use our online Report a Problem Form. It will help us serve you better and faster if you provide the following information:

  • The license plate numbers
  • The expiration date and the state that issued the plates
  • The make, model, and color of the vehicle
  • The street address where the vehicle is parked

We will investigate your complaint and evaluate the circumstances. If the vehicle meets the code criteria for being abandoned, we will apply an orange warning sticker to the window to provide 48 hours advance notice to the vehicle's owner before towing. If the vehicle is not moved within 48 hours, it may be towed away and impounded, depending upon the circumstances.

Retrieving Towed Vehicles

Impounded vehicles can be redeemed from the storage yard of the tow company that removed the vehicle. To find out which tow company impounded the vehicle, you can call Code Compliance at 503-526-2270 or the Beaverton Police Department at 503-526-2260.