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Blue shirted victim advocates group photo in front of Beaverton police vehicle.

Our Victim Advocates are trauma-informed volunteers who are specially trained to respond on-scene along with officers/detectives to offer support to victims of crime who have experienced trauma (primarily domestic violence incidents, and any other type of crime except sexual assault). Our Victim Advocates provide 24 hour coverage (including holidays), offering emotional support, helping victims understand the criminal justice process, and explaining community resources that are available.

System-based advocates in the justice system (such as the police department, the District Attorney’s office, Juvenile, and in probation/parole) are not entitled to advocate confidentiality and privilege, unlike community-based advocates in non-profit organizations. Community-based advocates (such as in non-profit organizations like the Domestic Violence Resource Center and the Sexual Assault Resource Center) may be entitled to advocate confidentiality and privilege, many are.

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