Vacation Check Program

Home security is a basic component of crime prevention. When residents are on vacation, their homes can become a target for burglars. Although there is no guarantee against break-ins, the Beaverton Police Department offers free vacation checks to residents to reduce their chances of victimization.

Vacation Check Surveys

Police officers will conduct a perimeter check of your home while you are on vacation to ensure there are no signs of attempted or successful forced entry into your home. 

To request a free vacation check, please fill out the online Vacation Check Form or fill out the Vacation Check Request Form - PDF and mail or fax it to:

Beaverton Police Department 
Attn: Sue Hayes 
Post Office Box 4755 
Beaverton, Oregon 97076-4755 
Fax: 503-526-2484 

The form needs to be turned in to the Police Department at least 72 hours prior to the desire start of the vacation check. The duration of the vacation checks will be no more than 3 weeks but not less than 1 week. Vacation checks will be performed as time allows.

You must notify the department immediately if departure or return dates/times change. 


Beaverton Police Department
Attn: Sue Hayes
Phone: 503-526-2260  TTY: 503-526-2790

While these security precautions do not guarantee that a house will not be broken into, it can reduce your chances of being victimized.