Records Request & Fee Schedule

Police Reports

Report Requests

Requests to receive copies of a police report can be taken over the phone or in person. If you are able, please provide the case number when making your request. If the case number in unknown, provide as much information regarding the report as possible, such as the case number, date and time of occurrence, location, type of case, and involved parties.

Police Report Records Request Form

Request Process for General Public

  1. Requestor makes the request via phone or in person.
    Phone: 503-526-2261
    Address: 6125 SW Hall Blvd. Beaverton, OR 97008
  2. The report goes through an approval process that takes 10-15 business days.
  3. After the approval process has been completed, the requestor will be notified via phone if their request has been approved and of any fees (typically $20 per report).
  4. The requestor will come to the station, present ID, pay any fees, and obtain their report. *

Please note: If someone other than the requestor will be picking up the report, the requestor should let Records staff know at the time of the request.

Request Process for Insurance Companies and Attorneys

All insurance and attorney requests for reports require a $20 check mailed to 6125 SW Hall Blvd. Beaverton, OR 97008.


Citation requests can be processed immediately and have a fee of $5 per citation.*

Good Conduct Letters

The Beaverton Police Department provides background checks regarding charges/infractions for our jurisdiction only. This is called a Good Conduct Letter.

Request Process

  1. Requestor makes the request for their own Good Conduct Letter in person. They must provide photo ID and their phone number.
  2. Records personnel process the request and creates the letter, which is notarized by the Records Supervisor.
  3. The requestor will be notified when the letter is ready for pick-up.
  4. The requestor will come to the station, present ID, pay a $10 fee, and obtain their letter.

If a resident wants to request a background check for the whole state of Oregon, or wishes to obtain a background on another subject, they may contact the Oregon State Police at 503-378-3070.

Information can be found on the Oregon State Police website.


* We accept all major credit cards EXCEPT AMEX. We also accept cash, but ONLY for exact amount charged.