Interagency Teams

Interagency teams are comprised of law enforcement officers from multiple jurisdictions, working together, often in an area of specialty. BPD contributes officers, detectives, and/or sergeants to the following teams:

  • Crash Analysis Reconstruction Team
    Crash Analysis Reconstruction Team (CART) members are specially trained officers from various law enforcement agencies in Washington County and troopers from the Oregon State Police. BPD currently contributes four members to this 27-member interagency team, whose primary mission is to investigate and reconstruct motor vehicle crashes related to potential felony charges.
  • Tactical Negotiations Team
    Members of the Washington County Tactical Negotiations Team (includes 26 total members and five collateral assignments from BPD) are called upon to handle incidents that pose a significant risk to the safety of others, such as incidents involving barricaded individuals, high risk search warrants, and arrest warrants. Team members train extensively, which allows the TNT to respond safely and effectively to complex incidents.
  • Crisis Negotiations Unit
    BPD contributes two officers to the 30-member interagency Crisis Negotiation Unit (CNU). The CNU’s primary goal is to create peaceful resolutions to extremely volatile situations. Typical calls include a barricaded individual, someone threatening harm to themselves or others, hostage situations, and various other crisis events that threaten the safety of the community. Highly trained crisis negotiators work to establish ongoing dialog and rapport with the person or persons involved in the incident and work with mental health experts to defuse the situation.
  • TriMet
    BPD partners with TriMet to provide police services in the region. BPD contributes one sergeant and three officers to the Transit division; funding is reimbursed by TriMet for all 4 FTEs. The BPD team is assigned to the westside precinct. This precinct of the transit police continued to address community issues and transit violations occurring on light rail trains, buses, and TriMet properties west of the Washington Park/Oregon Zoo Light Rail Max Station, as well as the Westside Express Service (WES) commuter rail service.
  • Westside Interagency Narcotics Team
    The Westside Interagency Narcotics (WIN) Team actively targets persons and organizations involved in mid to high level drug trafficking and works to reduce the availability of illicit controlled substances that are used, sold, transported, or otherwise distributed in Washington County. BPD has one sergeant and one detective assigned to the WIN Team. In addition to their investigative efforts, the team continues to gather and share information with other local, state, and national drug enforcement teams as well as the Patrol Division.
  • Child Exploitation Task Force
    The FBI’s Child Exploitation Task Force consists of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and victim-based advocacy groups that combine resources and expertise on human trafficking. The Task Force evaluates the nature and extent of human trafficking in our area, conducts investigations, and develops intelligence for potential cases. In the Metropolitan area, the main issue seen by law enforcement are minors who are forced into human trafficking by means of prostitution. BPD’s detectives on this team conduct undercover operations resulting in arrests of offenses related to child exploitation.
  • Major Crimes Team
    Beaverton contributes six detectives (collateral duties) to this 43-member team whose function is to investigate murders, officer-involved shootings, in-custody deaths, and other major crimes in Washington County. The Team is made up of sergeants and detectives from Washington County law enforcement agencies, members of the District Attorney’s Office, experts from the Washington County Forensics Laboratory and the Oregon State Forensics Unit, and staff from the Washington County Consolidated Communications Agency (WCCCA).

*Please refer to the current budget for most recent BPD employee contributions to interagency teams.