Speed Mitigation Programs

Speed Monitoring Awareness Response Trailer (SMART)

In addition to photo-speed enforcement, the Department utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach to address speeding complaints in Beaverton neighborhoods. Voluntary compliance is the goal of our efforts; we would rather have no speeding complaints to address. Toward that end, the Department utilizes two SMART units to educate drivers.

SMART units are deployed curbside in problem areas; the lighted display on the rear of the trailer indicates the approaching vehicle's speed, helping drivers maintain awareness of their actual speed. The units are highly effective when deployed; unfortunately, statistics show that their speed reducing effects are only temporary, and fade after the units are removed.

Citizen Speed Monitoring

Citizen Speed Monitoring is a program that we have just reintroduced. Interested parties are contacted by one of our department volunteers, who come equipped with a hand-held radar unit. Using a portable power supply, the volunteer assists the complainant with monitoring the speeds of vehicles traveling through the complainant's neighborhood. The license plate numbers and descriptions of speeding vehicles are logged, then the log is used to generate speeding "warning" letters that are mailed to the registered owners of the offending vehicles. This program has a two-fold benefit; to educate drivers regarding their speeds through what are usually their neighbor's neighborhoods, and to educate complainants as to what speeds drivers are actually doing through their neighborhoods. It is frequently found that people are surprised to see that speeds are not as high as they had estimated.