Message From The Chief

Chief Ronda L Groshong

From Police Chief Ronda Groshong

Since the horrific and senseless death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, I have heard from many of you asking very valid questions, in hopes of having your confidence reaffirmed by the police department that serves you.

You want to know if the Beaverton Police Department has practices and policies in place to make sure what happened to Mr. Floyd never happens here. You want to know the training we receive follows the state issued guidelines and that our officers are continually being trained throughout their career. You want to make sure our officers wear body worn cameras for accountability and transparency. You want to see yearly data and statistics on our stops and arrests. And most importantly, you want all of this information easily accessible. While most of this data is available on our webpage, it can sometimes be tricky to know where to look. Our website is currently being updated to make sure the information you seek is available and easy to find.

In the meantime, I hope I can give you some peace of mind to know all of our officers receive training on Implicit Bias, Procedural Justice, Emotional Intelligence, and De-escalation Techniques in the police academy. We implement de-escalation tactics into all of our use of force trainings and our officers are trained throughout their career by industry leading professionals in a variety a topics. All members of the police department (sworn and non-sworn) recently attended a training on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Additionally, we have officers regularly attend the Diversity Advisory Board and the Human Rights Advisory Council meetings which occur at City Hall.

Also, the Beaverton Police Department has had a body worn camera program in place for nearly five years. Uniformed officers and supervisors on patrol are required to wear department-issued body worn cameras and to activate them upon all enforcement and investigative contacts.

One of the primary goals of our city is to be a welcoming and inclusive place for everyone who lives, works, or visits Beaverton. The Beaverton Police Department wants everyone to feel safe and to feel as though they have been treated with respect and dignity after interacting with our police department.

While I know many of you feel conflicted, I hope it helps to know your police department is listening to you, and others in our community. We are continuously working to improve our level of service to our community through training and transparency.

Thank you,

Ronda Groshong