Message From The Chief

Chief Stacy Jepson wearing her uniform and an American flag is behind her.

From Police Chief Stacy Jepson

It is such an honor to be selected by City Manager Jenny Haruyama as Beaverton’s Police Chief. Washington County has been my home during most of my professional career and I look forward to being back here and leading the Beaverton Police Department. 

Our community is experiencing a difficult time with national tragedies and the ongoing global pandemic impacting all of us in different ways. While some of these incidences took place many miles away from Beaverton, the aftereffects can be felt by everyone, everywhere. I know Beaverton is a compassionate community and a top priority for so many is that Beaverton remain a safe place to live, work, attend school, and visit. This is the Beaverton Police Department’s priority as well, and we will do this while acting with courage, compassion, and integrity. 


Chief Stacy Jepson