Liquor License Application Process

Due to COVID-19, we encourage the application process to be completed electronically but we can make other arrangements, if needed. Please give us a call or email if you have any questions!


Police Administration
Ph: 503-526-2264

Who needs a liquor license?

Anyone who sells or offers to sell alcoholic beverages. Oregon Revised Statutes state the requirement of holding a liquor license in order to sell alcohol (ORS 471.405), and define various activities that constitute a "sale" (ORS 471.406).

How do I get a license?

The process starts with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC). You must complete a packet of forms, including an endorsement from your local government, and submit them to the OLCC for consideration. You can find the necessary forms by visiting the OLCC website.

What do I need from the City of Beaverton?

The OLCC will provide forms to bring to the city for our endorsement. Please bring your forms to Police Administration on the second floor of the Police Department, or call 503-526-2264 if you have additional questions.

The city also has an Application Form to complete. You may obtain this form by coming to Police Administration, calling 503-526-2264, or downloading the PDF version of the City of Beaverton Liquor License Application - PDF.

To obtain the zoning information required by the OLCC, you may contact our Planning Division at 503-526-2420.

Are there fees involved?

In addition to the OLCC's fees, Beaverton requires the following processing fees for Liquor License Applications (please make checks payable to the City of Beaverton):
  • New Outlets: $100
  • Change of Ownership: $75
  • Greater Privilege: $75

How long does it take to receive an endorsement from the city?

Your application will be submitted to the City Council for review. The City has 45 days to complete their endorsement but generally takes between 2 to 5 weeks. You will be contacted once your application has appeared before City Council. You may then pick up your form from Police Administration and take to the OLCC to finish the application process.

Do I need to renew my license through the city?

There is an annual renewal process. Around the end of December, you will receive a letter telling you it's time to renew your license. At this time you will be given an opportunity to update the information we have on file for your establishment. The renewal fee is $35.

What if I need a Temporary Permit?

If your event is within the City of Beaverton, bring your completed form to Police Administration on the second floor of the Police Department, for the appropriate signature. To ensure that your permit can be signed the day it is brought in, we recommended you call ahead (503-526-2264) to verify a signer is available.