Concrete Contractors List

List of Concrete Contractors

This list of concrete contractors is provided as a convenience to you. It is not intended as a recommendation of any of the contractors. We recommend that you:

  • Get recommendations of contractors used by friends and family.
  • Obtain competitive bids from more than one contractor.
  • Look at other completed jobs done by the contractors.
  • Ask the contractor for proof of insurance.

Check the references offered by the contractors. A reliable information source is the Oregon Construction Contractors Board. You can find information about contractors on their web site:

Concrete Repair & Replacement

Grinding Work Only *

Concrete Leveling **

  • Flat Rock Concrete Leveling LLC,
    7531 NE 33rd Dr,
    Portland, OR 97211
    503-421-8580 CCB #192071

Tree Services

* Sidewalk uplifts of up to 1 inch can be effectively ground, given proper sloping. Uplifts greater than 1 inch will generally require a sidewalk panel replacement and cannot be effectively ground to meet our city standards.

** Concrete leveling with effective grinding can be used to meet both city engineering standards and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, however since these techniques do not require a permit, it is essential that your contractor is fully aware of the standards required by our Site Development Department.