Police Activity League

Police Activities League (PAL)

Lt. Ed Flynn of the New York Police Department founded the first Police Activities League (PAL) in 1937. While working with the city's juvenile gangs, he learned that many of the crimes committed were the result of kids who had no place to play or positive activities to pursue. Lt. Flynn also noticed that the only contact the kids had with officers was law enforcement related, and unfriendly at best. The first PAL program was designed to permit fellow officers to participate with youth in a supervised place to play. It allowed officers to be mentors and friends, instead of perceived enemies. Today, PAL chapters include all types of athletic, recreational and educational activities and are located in over 350 communities nationwide (including Canada and the Virgin Islands). They are supported by their local city and police departments with police officers leading their activities and programs.

Beaverton PAL

The Beaverton PAL chapter was formed in 1997 and resulted in a partnership between the Beaverton Police Department, area businesses, and concerned citizens. The Beaverton PAL is a private, non-profit youth organization that provides recreational, educational, athletic, and cultural programs for youth in the greater Beaverton area. PAL provides programs and activities for kids 8 to 18 years of age at its year-round youth center located in the Beaverton Activities Center (12500 SW Allen Blvd.) and at various sites throughout the community. Beaverton PAL does not charge any fees for its programs; this enables all kids in the community to participate in activities, with a special emphasis on serving youth that go underserved. Beaverton PAL is strong in collaboration with other agencies and local corporations, such as IBM, Intel, and Nike in providing its programs.

Beaverton PAL raises funds to support its programs and youth center operations through a variety of sources such as fundraising events, grants, corporate support, and private donations. It is the responsibility of the PAL Board of Directors and executive director to seek out and raise these funds. Currently, Beaverton PAL programs are led by paid staff, community and police volunteers. PAL's youth membership is growing rapidly, and the need for volunteers and support is great. If you, or someone you know, would like to help PAL, please contact the PAL office at 503-469-9137.

Photo of Beaverton Resource Center where PAL is located