Neighborhood Response

The Neighborhood Response Team (NRT) was put into place in 2012 as a part of the Beaverton Police Departments strategic planning process in a proactive effort to deal with neighborhood livability issues.

The mission of the Neighborhood Response Team is to provide long term and unique solutions to livability issues affecting Beaverton’s diverse neighborhoods. The mission is achieved through the efforts of dedicated, creative professionals using innovative and established techniques to prevent criminal activity as through collaboration with Neighborhood Associations Committees, local businesses, and citizens.

The Neighborhood Response Team, when fully staffed, is a unit consisting of a sergeant and four officers, assigned to the Patrol Division. The team’s function is to proactively address neighborhood livability issues using a wide variety of law enforcement methods, techniques, and tactics. This will be accomplished by aggressively working all information sources and identifying crime and livability issues in the early stages, to prevent future crimes and effectively reduce a portion of the current patrol call-load throughout the City of Beaverton.

The Neighborhood Response Team performs a multitude of law enforcement functions to include uniform and non-uniform duties, and the use of marked or unmarked vehicles, depending on the particular assignment. Members of the Neighborhood Response Team may also use bicycles in certain enforcement efforts. All of this ensures the Neighborhood Response Team is prepared to adapt and meet emerging community needs in support of the Beaverton Police Department strategic plan and overall mission.