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The Beaverton Police Department is dedicated to providing the community with the highest quality of information and service. This portion of the website is not only for the police department to use to assess Beaverton’s problem areas and unique characteristics, but also to apprise Beaverton residents about their community.

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Sometimes crime statistics can be misleading. They only represent reported crime. In some areas residents do not report crime and in others, almost all crime is reported. Reporting also varies greatly by type of crime, while most violent crime is reported, minor property crimes are often not reported. If you are using crime statistics to select a new place to live, don’t rely on statistics alone. Visit the area, talk to your future neighbors, and visit the area at different times during the day to check lighting, noise levels, and personal concerns that are important to you.

In general, crime is a deviant act that violates a law. Those laws can be federal, state, and/or local laws. If a crime has been committed and has been reported to the police, a criminal police report is taken. Throughout this report, crimes are defined and referred to according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report (UCR) and not the Oregon Revised Statutes. In Oregon, a law that carries potential incarceration is defined as a crime. Those crimes are further divided into felonies that may have a penalty of more than a year in prison, while misdemeanors have a maximum jail term of less than a year.