Chief's Breakfast Forum


Chiefs Breakfast Forum
Photo credit: Katharine Kimball Photography

A visibly proactive, transparent and accountable relationship exists between the Beaverton Police Department and the people it serves. All communities in Beaverton feel confident in reaching out to and working in cooperation with their police department.


Chief's Breakfasts bring together a group of invested community members, leaders, and law enforcement in Beaverton for a sustained dialogue on how to collectively maintain the safety of our community. The regular gatherings exist to proactively build trust, relationship and understanding among diverse communities and law enforcement to ensure that police are effectively protecting and serving the greater Beaverton community.


  1. Build an open, inclusive space to collectively address community complaints and expectations of BPD.
  2. Act as an ongoing advisory committee to provide feedback on BPD programs and initiatives, not just in times of crisis.
  3. Actively build trust and relationships with communities where fear and distrust has historically existed with law enforcement due to national or international events.
  4. Create learning opportunities to increase awareness of diverse communities and communities at risk in Beaverton to promote cultural understanding and responsiveness.
  5. Provide a platform for information sharing and open discussion on current topics related to community policing.


Monthly advisory meetings, community forums and outreach events.

Meeting Schedule

Chiefs Breakfast Forum
Photo credit: Katharine Kimball Photography

Regular meetings will be held every second Thursday of every other month from 7:30-9:00am in the Beaverton Community Center (12350 SW 5th St.). Rotating locations may be explored. Please check the calendar for dates.


A small leadership team made up of the group facilitator, at least one community representative and one police representative will coordinate upcoming meetings.


The Chief's Breakfast Forum was created in early 2015 in response to a surge in high-profile national cases demonstrating deteriorating trust between community and law enforcement. The group spent its first year building relationships and sharing information and discussion on current Beaverton Police Department practices related to issues such as diversity in hiring, youth engagement, community outreach, biased-based policing, etc. With a strong core of regular participants in its second year, the group formalized its goals and objectives and began to reach out to raise awareness and expand the conversation with more participants.