Volunteer Program Procedures


All requests for volunteer help will be made through the volunteer coordinator. All potential volunteers shall go through the volunteer coordinator. 


All prospective volunteers will fill out a Volunteer Statement of Personal History form. The completed form will be returned to the volunteer coordinator. 

BPD Volunteer Application


The applicant will be interviewed by the volunteer coordinator. The interview will inform the volunteer about the available opportunities, and give the volunteer coordinator an insight to the volunteer's interests, skills, and talents. Comments about the interview will be included in the volunteer's personnel file for future reference. 


All applicants will undergo a criminal history background check.


As volunteers are given assignments, the volunteer coordinator and/or supervisor will give the volunteer adequate training to help insure a successful result. 


Volunteers will be guided by the Code of Conduct of the Beaverton Police Department Program. Volunteers who do not abide by or violate the responsibilities will be subject to dismissal. 


Please contact our Volunteer Program Coordinator Sue Hayes at 503-526-2562 for additional information.