Public Safety Center

Public Safety Center
Planning and design for Beaverton’s modern, earthquake resistant police and emergency management building are underway. General contracting and architecture work will continue through 2018, construction is expected to begin in early-2019, and the public-safety center is estimated for completion in early-2020.

Public meetings will be scheduled in early-2018 to share project information and provide a status update on development. Residents are encouraged to attend these meetings to learn more about the center and upcoming activities.


The public safety center will be built at the existing site of the Beaverton Activities Center, which is city-owned property at the corner of SW Hall Blvd and SW Allen Blvd. The Beaverton Activities Center will remain open and operational through Dec. 2017 for public meeting use only.

The city worked with Beaverton Activities Center tenants to find new locations for services currently being offered at the site. In July 2017, a presentation on this progress, including relocation of the Beaverton Police Activities League (PAL), was presented to City Council. Tenant relocation will begin later this year.


The public safety center will consolidate police services, move existing police facilities out of a flood zone, and meet residents’ needs for the next 30 years:
  • Built to critical-facility standards.
  • Private areas for crime victims and juveniles.
  • Onsite storage for property and evidence—eliminating need for offsite rented space.
  • Flexible design for future growth.
  • Emergency Operations Center, with modern equipment, that is ready for emergency response during major wind, storm, flood and other events.


The public safety center is projected to cost $35 million. The bond measure will not increase residents’ bond tax rate because it replaces retiring Beaverton City Library construction bonds.

The rate is about 20 cents per $1,000 of assessed value. Property owners will continue to pay about $4.20 per month for property with an assessed value of $250,000.

Project Milestones

Jul. - Aug. 2017
Work on selection of project architect and general contractor underway. 
Jul. 2017
Update provided to City Council regarding Beaverton Activities Center tenants.
Apr. 2017
Contract approved with Shiels Obletz Johnsen, Inc. (Portland, OR) for owner's representative services.
Jan. 2017
Resolution passes authorizing the issuance, sale, execution and delivery of $35 million in general obligation bonds for the construction and equipping of the building.
Dec. 2016
Appointment of Orrick, Herrington & Suttcliffe, LLP (Portland, OR) as Bond Counsel and PFM Financial Advisors (Seattle, WA) to provide financial advisor services for general obligation bonds.
Nov. 2016
Beaverton voters approve $35 million public safety center bond measure.
Jun. 2016
Resolution passes referring bond measure to Beaverton voters.